Thursday, April 9, 2009

That's more like it...

For a while, until about 4:30pm yesterday, I thought the Braves would be a really tight team this season.

Then I watched one of the worst human meltdowns since Travis Bickle.

...I know the feeling Travis, someday a real rain will come and wash out the trash of our bullpen.

If nothing else, I'm at ease knowing the same old Braves are still around and I won't have to go around thinking "This year will be different"...again.

God help us if our starting pitchers can't make it through 8 innings. I can take comfort in feeling between Mike Gonzalez and Rafael Soriano the two wouldn't give up more than 3 runs trying to close a game out, so as long as we're up by 4 when the starter gets pulled we should be straight.

So other than the fact we sent 4 consecutive relief pitchers up to the mound to either hit people, walk them, or toss basketball-sized change ups it was a great offensive game for the Bravos (this means our fielders were hitting the ball well and the relief pitching was offensive). If Roger McDowell was looking for people to not throw strikes I would have sent my resume in during tryouts. My church softball team can totally vouch for my superior ability to walk batters, I should at least make some Chedder for my skillz.

Honestly though, I'm just looking to bitch about a stupid loss. We should have won but didn't execute and that's what hurts most. Otherwise we won the series so 2 outta 3 ain't bad and I shouldn't complain. Bring on the Nats.

Work is going to be teh suxorz today so light posting is expected unless there's any big news I just gotta comment on.

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