Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Carlton Thomas

The Senator already linked this article so chances are you've already seen it. Most of us following Spring Practices know about the short kid from Frostproof Highschool by now.

Carlton Thomas is only 5'8" putting him at eye level with most of our wives. However since reporting to campus last Summer at 169 Carlton has bulked up to 180 lbs (which isn't something you want your wife to do over the course of a year) and is getting some serious praise from his teammates for his vision, speed, and untackledness (sp?).

Number one, if you're an undersized RB a good person to idolize is Barry Sanders whom Carlton grew up watching with his father. Number two, with much of the uncertainty we have going into the tailback's competition, a darkhorse like Carlton Thomas might be just what we're looking for.

With Knowshon getting the lion's share of carries last year we only got to see Caleb King and Richard Samuel on limited playing time. To be perfectly honest neither guy dropped my jaw...but again, compared to Knowshon's elusiveness it's hard to stand out in that department. We'll see how the race shakes out, I know who my eyes will be on come G-Day.

Similar to how Orson Charles' name stuck with me like Orson the Pig from U.S.Acres, with a first name like Carlton you gotta know where I'm going with this. An undersized guy named Carlton...could it get much easier?!? Fortunately I was able to scrounge up this footage of Mr. Thomas performing for Ladies Night at Toppers downtown. Enjoy!

So far no Fulmer Cup points have been awarded to the Dawgs for Carlton's actions.

Shows what I know about height. Apparently 5'8" is still fairly tall for a girl. This coming from a guy who is 6'5" and thinks his sister is short...she's 5'10".


the tri guy said...

"Serious praise from his teammates for his vision, speed, and untackledness..." All important attributes, but as we've learned in the Bobo/Richt offense: it's all about the blitz pickup. At this point I'm convinced we could have Jim Brown in our backfield, but if he couldn't pick up the blitz, he'd be riding the pine.

all school said...

Love the blog and the article, but it was "Arnold" the Pig on Green Acres. Orson was the name for the big leader on Mork's home planet in Mork and Mindy.

Dont ask me why I know stuff like this. I just do.

Mackalicious said...

@All School: I'm all too aware of Arnold from Green Acres, I'm referring to Orson the pig from U.S.Acres (which was the cartoon that split airtime with Garfield & Friends).

Fortunately for me my father watched TV Land & Nick@Nite all the time so I rule trivia night. I can tell you anything you ever wanted to know about The Andy Griffith Show.