Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hide the Brooms

After a great start nearly sweeping the first two series, the Braves are now in danger of being swept themselves. Either Florida is the real freaking deal with their latest crop of superstars (waiting to be traded once they ask for more money) or they are going to run out of steam mid summer because the pace at which they win is insane.

Here's hoping our boys salvage one game of the series at todays "Business Person's Special". God forbid we acknowledge the majority of female professionals won't be skipping work to take in a baseball game...therefore we no longer call it the Business Man's Special when the Braves play a 12pm game.

Either way I missed it but apparently we got lit-up in the 9th after keeping the game relatively close the previous 8 innings. Something foul is going on with the bullpen (I didn't see the top of the 9th but I assume it's the reliever's fault). Don't you dare make me break out the Rocker For President shirts again!

Does Marta have a #7 train?

Come on Braves, get your @#$% straight. Looking for Kawakami to go 8 innings.


The Tri Runner said...

Mack - I saw it & it was ugly. There is no defense for a walk.

Mackalicious said...