Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Megan Brittain Update

During the downtime of sports not named baseball, I felt the urge to shoot ya'll an update to a story I'd posted a while back.

It was about what a stand-up guy John Parker Wilson was when he called a sick little girl (and huge Bama fan) named Megan Brittain who at the time was receiving cancer treatment.

We recently received an update about Megan, it isn't good news but I'm going to do a cut & paste job because I can't sum up how much this whole thing sucks.

I write asking for your thoughts and prayers...

Many of you know Megan has been battling cancer, and some of you may remember that she lost her mother in February 2007 after a 7-year battle with breast cancer. Several weeks ago Megan was told that her cancer was incurable and that time was now “numbered in months”. She has been dealing with the news as best she knows how, which leans toward asking lots of questions and a type of “shock and awe” effect when others are around.

After another round of scans yesterday, the doctors told Megan that she is now looking at only weeks. Her tumors (in her back, liver, kidney, brain, etc.) are growing rapidly, and there is nothing they can do.

So today I write asking for your good thoughts, your prayers… First for Megan, for her to find the peace she’s searching for…. She’s scared, and rightfully so. For her father Gary, and brothers Ian and Bradley… As expected, none of them are dealing with this well. The extended family & friends who are brokenhearted... We are all dealing with this as best we know how.

Just remember stories like this when you get home from work after having a crappy day. Sometimes we worry and fret about the dumbest stuff that isn't important. We alienate friends and family through arguments. We fret over finances. Many times we've got it so damn good we go looking for things to get upset over. But in the end when something like this hits home, it makes us stop and look at our lives. Are we really prioritizing what we place importance on correctly? I'd be willing to be 99% of us aren't. When you get your workday wrapped up, do me a favor. Hug your spouse, kiss your kids, call your Mama, and make sure each and every one of them knows how much you love them.

Then tonight before you go to bed, say a prayer for those who might not ever get the opportunity to do what you've done again.


Bernie said...

Thanks for the update Mackie, was thinking about her yesterday. Wish it was better news. I will take your advice to heart.

Lee said...

Hi, My name is Lee and my son Justin was in the same grade as Megan. this morning was graduation day for the 6th grade and Megan wasn not able to be there. What happened was the proudest moment i was ever apart of.

They called Megan's name for her diploma, The entire 6th grade stood tall and straight, Applauding, which led to the entire Gymnasium Standing and applauding. We applauded for an entire 5 minutes if not more.

I met Megan and am proud that I had that chance. God bless her and her entire family.

Lee said...

I am sorry to inform you all, Megan Brittain passed away today June 2nd, 2009 shortly after 4 pm. Please keep her family in prayers and thought.

She will be forever loved and missed.