Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Third Jersey - Notre Dame Edition

There is no denying how huge the black jersey was last season (I'm of the opinion if Auburn would have clobbered us, they never would have seen the light of day again). Regardless, they looked great and we ended the year with a 2-0 record in them.

During the off season other teams have taken notice how throwing a 3rd jersey into the rotation can really energize the players, the fan base, and the bottom line in merchandising. So as a Blogging Pantsless exclusive, I've been in contact with several athletic departments across the NCAA and have received private access to their designs of a 3rd jersey they're looking to market this season.

Each day I'll showcase the school, the jersey, and the game which they choose to unveil it.


If there are any Irish fans out there after last season, I'm sure you guys are looking forward to a huge rebound. They planned to kick this all off by hiring new AD Jack Swarbrick. I spoke with Swarbrick shortly after his conference announcing his new position took place this afternoon.

Jack said he'd been working closely with quarterback Jimmy Clausen to design a third jersey to pump up the fanbase and players after a disappointing 3-9 campaign last season.

You may remember Clausen from a few of the pictures below.

Hmm...looks familiar.


Ah, there he is. I recognize him now, the whole upright thing was fooling me.

Now that we can all place whom Ad Swarbrick has been designing with we'll unveil the FABULOUS new jersey for the Fighting Irish.

It will be marketed as the Pot o'Gold Jersey. QB Clausen understands the pain Irish fans endured last season. He said this season will metaphorically be a rainbow. Mentions of how you follow a rainbow to get to the pot of gold were spoken as I looked on in disbelief. AD Swarbrick wanted the Notre Dame faithful to have PRIDE again. The path they speak of leads them to their pot of gold, the National Championship.

The new jersey isn't going to be held for a huge rivalry game, they wanted to release it for the season opener against San Deigo State, August 30th.

Coach Weiss couldn't be reached for comment, but several Domino's Pizza delivery drivers were seen entering with multiple orders and leaving with shredded sleeves.

Best of luck to you Irish fans, I'm sure you're parents will be proud.

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