Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Third Jersey - Auburn Edition

There is no denying how huge the black jersey was last season (I'm of the opinion if Auburn would have clobbered us, they never would have seen the light of day again). Regardless, they looked great and we ended the year with a 2-0 record in them.

During the off season other teams have taken notice how throwing a 3rd jersey into the rotation can really energize the players, the fan base, and the bottom line in merchandising. So as a Blogging Pantsless exclusive, I've been in contact with several athletic departments across the NCAA and have received private access to their designs of a 3rd jersey they're looking to market this season.

Each day I'll showcase the school, the jersey, and the game which they choose to unveil it.


Auburn actually got the business end of the 3rd jersey's whoopin' stick last year in the Classic City. The "Ath-uh-let-ic Department" at Auburn is reporting they held an open contest for the design of their 3rd jersey.

There was more than 1,000 entries of which 724 were EXACTLY the same premise.

Coach Tommy Tuberville has been informed of the winning jersey and is requesting fans show up to the LSU game on September 20th decked out in orange.

Posters have been printed up to be distributed thoughout the surrounding trailor parks / student dorms hyping up the "Arnge Out"(sp) against LSU.

Wow Mackie, you really out-did yourself with this one.

As you can tell there is definitely a NASCAR element inspired in this design. Apparently (and I had no idea) NASCAR is big in the area. Many of the entries had sponsor patches included from various fan-favorite companies Hot Pocket, West Point Stevens, and Sam's Choice Cola, but after informing the student body of NCAA jersey regulations the patches were removed.

The second place jersey was a throw-back style still popular around the Auburn campus today. It involved a shorter length that left an exposed midriff similar to the one's seen back when REO Speedwagon and Poison ruled the campus (or as I like to call it 2004).

The Bayou Bengals better bring their A Game come September because there are going to be A LOT of rowdy Tigers/War Eagles/Plainsmen decked out in orange cruising town in their IROC-Zs just waiting for the purple people to give them "the ol' stink-eye".

If I might add a bit of advice to the LSU fans who arrive in Auburn that weekend, wear your purple and gold hard-hats. If you piss these people off they will throw their cans of "Bud Heavy" at you...and it will hurt.

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bigphilnaglee said...

I believe that Orion the Hunter also ruled the campus in 2004.