Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Matthew Stafford Interview

As I glanced at the AJC sports section today I saw the following from Chip Towers...

"I ran into quarterback Matthew Stafford and spoke with him very briefly. From my perspective, he appears to be in the best condition he’s been in since he’s been at Georgia. All I could go by was looks but there was virtually no sign of the pudginess that’s always been part of Matt’s physique. He actually looks taller."

Wow, that's always good to hear. You never want your star QB to turn into Jared Lorenzen during the off-season. As a Blogging Pantsless exclusive I actually had the opportunity to check in with Matthew Stafford. It was mostly just exchanging pleasantries, but I siezed the moment to ask him about what Chip Towers reported.

Me: Matthew, can I call you Matty?

MS: Sure Mackie, and btw I love Blogging Pantsless, I read it everyday.

Me: Oh Matty, you're too kind. If I may ask, what did you do this off-season to lose the pudge and lean-up?

MS: Well, I'm not really supposed to say.

Me: Come on Matty, you gotta tell me now with a comment like that.

MS: I told her I'd keep it a secret, but...Mackie, you are my hero...I really admire how you are able to hit crush a softball, you know all the words to my favorite Van Halen songs, and nobody...NOBODY can play a face-melting Guitar Hero solo like you.

Me: Matty, you're making me blush, really the honor is all mine.

MS: Well, she's not gonna like it but here is how I stayed in shape. (pulls a folded picture from his wallet)...


MS: You got it Bra'.

Me: WOW!!1

MS: And Timmy is gonna be PISSED! (Ha-Haaaaaaaaa!!!)

Me: You know it! Plus Terrence Moore keeps telling us how Urban Meyer can't wait to get revenge for The Celebration last Sir, are THE MAN! HIGH FIVE!

(We high-five, still laughing)

(Matthew's c-phone rings)

MS: Sup C-Bo?!....Yeah, no problem... I'll be right there. (hangs up)

Me: Everything kosher?

MS: Ehhh, Boling's tanked again and needs a ride home from Topper's.

Me: ugh...well, it was great to talk to you, we'll see you August 30th!

MS: (walking to his car) I'll be looking for you in the stands! Go Dawgs!



Well, there you have it. A Blogging Pantsless exclusive interview with Matthew Stafford. Remember folks, you saw it here first!

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