Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Congrats Florida!

Congratulations go out to the University of Florida as they bring home the coveted #1 Party School Award. I remember when my wife was at Alabama and they won it. She is gone now and they aren't anywhere near the party school they used to be if you know what I mean (*wink*wink*). When graced with the prize Alabama's talking heads immediately put a stop to all things they thought gave the campus a black eye (not the kind from a fight but the kind when you vomit so hard you bust capillaries). So at Alabama you can't park on the lawns of the fraternity houses and I could be mistaken on this but lawn furniture...I mean furniture on the lawn is no longer allowed either.

So Gators this is just a heads up, be prepared to have university officials tighten up their woven leather belts on the whole party thing. Here at Blogging Pantsless I'm including this music video from Twisted Sister to give you some ideas on how to counter the moves the university might take to shut the party down. Never-EVER underestimate the power of ROCK!

Oddly enough, the fashion of this era is still prevalent in Gaynesville


Sweetie said...

...or the type of black eye you can get from falling off your bike.

Mackalicious said...