Thursday, July 3, 2008

When life hands you a warrent for your arrest...

The AJC is reporting UGA defensive lineman Michael Lemon had a warrent issued in Athens-Clarke County for his arrest stemming from knocking the crap outta some guy who "talked to his girl" (or as I like to call it poppin' some Lemon juice into homeboy's eyeball).

It's considered aggrevated battery which = felony. This would be the 7th player from the football team to be charged with a crime this year. Alabama Savior Nick Saban, when reached for comment, referred to this tally as "chump change" and told me to call him back when we're "dealin' the white like some tru hustla'zzz".

I'm sure Tech fans will have a heyday with referring to us as "thugs" and everything, but if hearing crap from 3 people in the whole state is all we have to deal with it's gonna be a good weekend.

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