Friday, December 12, 2008

How to be a gay newspaper sports columnist...

Much like the steps to creating a great infomercial, I think I've figured out how to be a totally gay newspaper sports writer...

Step 1. Find a story you want to cover. Lets take for example the Auburn search for a head coach.

Step 2. Put together a list of coaching candidates who are either free or you imagine are easily swayed from their current job. (IE. Mike Leach, Turner Gill, Derek Dooley, Will Muschamp, etc...)

Step 3. Take one of those names and run an "exclusive" story that Auburn will announce _________ as their next head coach on (insert date/time).

Step 4. Once it is disproven move on to the next name on the list and fill in the blank with that coach's name.

Step 5. Eventually one of them won't be disproven and you will have broken the "big story"! HOORAY!

Obviously FOX10 is all over this example like a hobo on a ham sandwich! (h/t Paul, GSB)

...has there ever been a newsless coaching story you've been less interested in???

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