Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Bowl Projections

I recently checked ESPN's Bowl Projections and I saw UGA is no longer projected to play Ohio State in the What's In Your Wallet Bowl. Yes we are still a likely candidate for Capital One's Bowl game, but we're actually paired with Michigan State according to Mark Schlabach and Bruce Feldman.

If we had beaten Tech, I would say I'm disappointed in this match-up because Ohio State is by far a much larger marquee brand of football. Unfortunately we were unable to win a football game against the ACC by scoring 42 points which means we obviously don't have our act together. As sucky as it was to lose to Tech this year, it would have been equally as embarrassing for UGA's name to be shown as a statistic everytime Ohio State weaseled their way into a National Championship game against an SEC opponent (That name would have appeared under the only win against our conference).

Could Georgia beat Ohio State? I think we could, but I wouldn't want to test it this year. I have a lackluster confidence in our defense after losing to a much lesser Georgia Tech team running a gimmicky offense. Call me a pessimist, but I think a Michigan State match-up would be much more beneficial to our ability to salvage a quality end to this season. I know this is a crappy attitude to have as a Dawg fan, but like Santa told the know-it-all kid from The Polar Express last night on the Family Channel, "A little humility would serve you well". (btw that kid had the same voice as Mandark from Dexter's Laboratory if I remember correctly)

The humility line was initially meant for all you Tech nerds, I'm using it in another context.

But as you can tell, since ABC Family's 25 Days of Christmas is still showing strong in my household I'm obviously not over the Tech loss so it could be the sorrow speaking.

In other news I do want to wish Tech the worst of luck at the Peach Bowl...and yes it is still the Peach Bowl no matter who sponsors it. I'd be lying if I told you I think it's a crappy bowl game because to be honest, anything not in Boise, Idaho is a step in the right direction for the North Avenue Nerds. Plus, when UGA played Virginia Tech there 3 years ago it was the setting for one of Matthew Stafford's most impressive comeback wins.

Finally, I wanted to mourn the loss of a true Atlanta food legend. James Paschal who opened Paschal's Restaurant passed away at 88. Many people know Paschal's as being the restaurant that fed those who fought in the Civil Rights Movement. Being that I'm neither 60 years old, black, or racist; I only remember a different Paschal's location as being the only place worth eating at when I was on my lunch breaks when I worked at Hartsfield years ago. Soul food at it's finest, even when served in an airport terminus. God speed, James Paschal...God speed.

I hope you're serving this in Heaven's airport.

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Ally said...

You're not a pessimist, you're a realist.

I'm a pessimist - I don't think we're even capable of beating Michigan State. If we can't stop Dwyer, how on earth are we gonna stop Knowshon's twin?