Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Road to Recovery

I don't know about you guys but I had a good weekend. I left for Stillwater, OK on Wednesday and camped out for 3 nights. Had some pretty good food, hung out with some good friends, and helped UGA kickoff the season...however poorly the special teams were.

The loss hurt pretty bad, I know most people have already commented but I thought I'd share my POV as well.

- Road losses suck, but they suck worse when you make the trip expecting a win.

- With the exception of our first drive of the game, our offense seemed to play without purpose until there was a sense of urgency...and that's not good.

- There are no excuses, but I really hope Joe Cox was playing near his deathbed with sinus AIDS or whatever ailment he had.

- The defense looked pretty good, and at one point I was hoping Zac Robinson would continue to throw the ball because we were continually coming close to some huge pickoffs...unfortunately I wasn't thinking that during the second half of the game.

- If Dez Bryant doesn't make that touchdown catch to get OSU on the board before halftime, would Georgia have played a more motivated second half? The stadium was electric once they got points and it didn't seem to stop until we were down 24-10.

- Orson Charles had himself a pretty good game with a couple of huge plays. I expect a lot from our new freshman TE.

- Dan Patrick made it clear to me he isn't a fan of red pants, I made it clear to Dan Patrick I think he works in a dying medium.

Finally, the last thing I want to say regarding Oklahoma State is it was uncharacteristic of the Georgia Football I've come to expect. Where do we go if we drop another game before we hit what we thought would be the meat of our schedule? If it becomes clear Joe Cox isn't the Tee Martin we thought he was, do we revamp for Logan Gray (which David Hale doesn't think is happening) or should we give the reps to our future in hoping we have another Matthew Stafford on our hands?

I don't know what to tell you. The trip was fun, the game sucked, and the drive home where I arrive in Marietta at 10am Sunday sucked even more. I hope our guys just had some jitters and made stupid mistakes, but the turnovers and the "I'm gonna fall down the first time I'm hit" ideology had better get flushed REAL QUICK because it could stink up our stadium next week when South Carolina comes calling.

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Goat said...

Not liking what I see from Joe Cox. That fumble was pathetic! He was looking at the guy tackling him, yet didn't bother protecting the damn football.

I'm not crazy about calling for a man's job after 1 bad day, but I'm beginning to wonder why he got the job to start with? Not sure we gain anything by playing Cox (don't think his draft stock is going up/ not sure he gives us any better chance to win). Hopefully he'll prove me wrong next week.