Sunday, September 27, 2009

Morning After Pill

I had 2 people offer me tickets to the Arizona State game. RARELY will I pass up free tickets to a Georgia game, but the stars aligned against me for Saturday's matchup. A rainy forecast in combination with a 7pm kickoff (which puts me back home in Marietta by Sunday) doesn't equal tons of fun for yours truly.


I did end up going to the Tech/UNC game Saturday at noon. I was offered tickets by a church member who has club seats at Historic Mark Richt Field. We were 7 rows up on the 35 yd line with access to the club level and 2 free beers or glasses of wine (no Cokes, no hotdog, but free booze is better anyway). I remained neutral, I didn't cheer for Tech but I did clap whenever UNC had a big play. I wore red shorts, my University of Colorado 1990 National Champions t-shirt, and a black & red Grateful Dead hat. I only got a smattering of comments from under the breath of surrounding nerds (who were able to stop bitching about there not being WIFI in the stadium long enough to notice someone not wearing a variation of mustard yellow was seated around them). But I went, and had a relatively good time mocking all of Techs ...(COUGH)...."traditions".
Like the "Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh-Oh" song, (you may know it as the annoying techno song played at Braves games after someone hits a homerun).

But anyway, back to the point I'd originally wanted to make...ah yes.

Georgia could easily be 0-4 right now. EASILY. 9 times out of 10 the better team prevails in a football game, and we've had our share of tough breaks. But I will tell you once again, you can't "lucky-bounce" your way into a winning season in the SEC. The turnovers are killing us and had we been playing one of the teams we are about face in the next 4 games (yes, Vandy too) we would be standing at the summit of Mount .500.

Other facts of note regarding the weekend in College Football:

-Joe Paterno coached a football game in the rain last night, I presume he will die of pneumonia by Thursday.

-LSU doesn't look quite as daunting after 2 successful goal-line stands notes say Mississippi State, that can't be right. Let me get back to you on this one.

-Alabama's defense held Arkansas to 7 points, yep, 7 points. AAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!1

-#6 Cal lost to a bunch of clowns in glowing green neon prison jumpsuits.

-Phil Steele is full of @#$% and I'm never ever ever ever EVER allowing him to assist me in my Grill Topper Open picks...EVAH!

-I will never talk trash to Ally again regarding our Grill Topper Open picks.

-Tebow 3:16 got hauled away in an ambulance filled with crucifixes and holy water because Corch Irvin Meyers is a numbnuts who is trying to have his meal ticket break records instead of pulling him out with a 4 possession lead against KENTUCKY!

That's about all I got regarding everyone else's team. I plan to have a couple of subsequent posts up tomorrow, one about the good...and one about the bad of our boy's win. Can you guess which post will be longer?!? Until then, rejoice in the victory Dawg never know if it will be your last.

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I believe the song is Zombie Nation by Kernkraft 400...THWG.