Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Why cupcakes are good...

In an effort to provide an alternative opinion to many people who feel the scheduling of Idaho State is pathetic, I wanted to explain why throwing a couple of cupcakes into a schedule can be beneficial to UGA.

9.4.2010 - L.L. Rajun' Cajuns

11.6.2010 - I.S. 'Tater Tigers...RAAAAAAAARRR!!!

Reason #1: Apparently if Boise State can beat 12 cupcakes + Oregon and be in the running for a BCS Bowl game, I doubt playing 2 cupcakes + the SEC + Colorado + Tech will hurt America's opinion of UGA's schedule strength.

Reason #2: Remember earlier last week when we thought Arizona State would be a welcomed break for our boys who might finally get a blow-out win we've been looking for? Nope, I don't remember that either...must notta happened. It also doesn't hurt we get Idaho State in between the Cocktail Party and Auburn next year, the next best thing to a bye week is a cupcake.

Reason #3: I know they say if you're going to lose, lose early. But I'm a little selfish and prefer starting out 1-0...even if it means I don't get to drive a hundred thousand miles to Oklahoma and spend a lot of money to get a good match-up.

Reason #4: (and perhaps my best reason) I think cupcakes are the best opportunity for families with small children to enjoy a game in Athens. Don't get me wrong I enjoy the big-time match ups like LSU and Tech, but having a family friendly environment where young children don't have to hear nerds yelling "TO HELL WITH GEORGIA" or see LSU fans puking and defecating themselves goes a long way toward molding the next generation of Dawg fans. I'm sure this reasoning will go over as well as Mike Adams' "family friendly tailgate zones", but I will readily admit those no drinking ghost town areas were a bad idea. If you don't want your children to hear cursing and see me streaking, don't take them to Georgia/Auburn...take them to Georgia/Midvale.

Willie Martinez is pulling on the other side of that door.

I know it's not as exciting, and I know the stadium might not sellout. But there is a soft, Communistic side of me that feels parents of small children should have the opportunity to let their children bark in public without having some visor-wearing douchebag with a "COCKS" shirt on dropping F-Bombs and shooting birds at them. Just my opinion, please somebody think of the children!


Bernie said...

Mackie believes the children are our future....

Anonymous said...

You make good points, especially the family friendly point. Growing up I didn't get to go to a lot of UGA games b/c we were a working class family. The only games we got to attend were those we got free tickets to (and one where my dad sprung for GA-GA Tech tickets). Watching the dawgs whip Baylor and Temple was a lot of fun for me as a middle school kid, and that was how I learned all the cheers. I agree to a certain extent on the other reasons, but I definately hope Evans will continue scheduling big time opponents. Having recruits/players who believe they can play with anyone, anytime, anywhere goes a long way to building a dynasty, IMO. Thanks for your blog, it's always fun.

The Gameday Chef

Mackie said...

@Gameday Chef: I'm pretty much in your same boat. Growing up I went to a lot of Vandy, Mississippi teams (Ole, Southern, and State) with my Dad. Back when you could call the ticket office and charge $25 to a credit card for tickets.

I think as long as we stay out of the Div II pool we're still alright.

YoungDawg said...

Funny, you should say that! The tickets we usually use are from my in-laws because there the best seats available to us. Well the current plan is for game my sister-in-law is taking our nephew to his first game when we play TN Tech. She doesn’t want to take him to a “big” game & that’s the only non “big” home game scheduled this year! LOL! So we’ll be sitting somewhere else that day, more than likely at home on watching PPV with friends.

Mackie said...

Good call Young Dawg. Sure most Season Ticket holders don't want to go to two cupcakes (much less pay for them) but alot of families I know wouldn't get to go to a Georgia game otherwise should we not schedule a TennTech every now and then.

I hope your nephew has a great time at his first game! Hopefully it will lead him to eventually becoming a 20-year old man covered in body paint as it pours down rain when we play a PAC-10 opponent in the year 2025.