Monday, September 13, 2010

Oh Noes Teh Dawgs Iz Failxorz!!1

Yep, Georgia lost an ugly game Saturday. Somehow Carolina found a way to stop runs up the middle, and Georgia didn't. However, that is NOT intended to devalue the run-away pantie-magnet that is Marcus Lattimore. Seriously, I don't think any SEC team is looking forward to trying to stop that kid. Aside from our missed tackles (taking no less than 3 defender's touches to get the kid down) I would love to ask Stephen Hawking what kind of physics based, time-space continuum allows a human who is 2 yards tall to fall forward 7 yards.

But Lattimore or no Lattimore, if Orson Charles catches the TD pass and Washaun Ealey doesn't fumble in the red zone and we score, we've got a tie ball game. Also, if "IF's" and "BUT's" were candy and nuts...then we'd all have...candy and nuts...or whatever.

I would have liked to see Mike Bobo call some non-running plays when our backs were against the wall, but he didn't and I'm not the OC so really all I can do is bitch about how much losing sucks. I will say I was amazed how quickly it seems everyone has bought into Paul Finebaum's Fire Mark Richt campaign. The best retort to this I can find comes from Lucid Idiocy who argues,

"Misspell "lose" once, and it's not worth mentioning. Do it three times and it discounts your opinion considerably."

Claiming he doesn't "want it" enough doesn't really mean anything to me. I'm pretty sure if not "wanting it" equaled losses then Bobby Johnson was skipping practices to smoke weed and listen to Panic. The better team won Saturday, blame whomever you want...(like you needed my blessing).

If you're looking for a blog to support opinions like this: ...then you might want to take Blogging Pantsless off your RSS feed.

Perhaps I'm too patient (hell, I thought Jim Donnan should have gotten another year) but realistically I expected Georgia to go 9-3 regular season. Freshmeat QB and a new defensive package isn't going to give you an undefeated season in the SEC. That being said, if we don't OBLITERATE the next 6 opponents I'll be a little nervous about where we're headed. If I'm wrong and we screw the pooch over next few weeks I'll dim my outlook, but for now I think South Carolina will surprise some folks this year. Will they win the East? Well...not quite ready to fit them with that crown just yet because they've got Auburn, Alabama, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Florida to get through.

Don't jump off the bandwagon just yet, Dawg fans. We've still got some good opportunities to get back in the race. Hopefully we've breaking down film, learning to wrap-up, and REMOVING THE SHOULDER TACKLE from our habits. GO DAWGS!


Paul said...

Remember how bad we sucked the first 6 games of 2007? Not saying this will turn out like that but it also wouldn't shock me if it did. If we can scratch, claw, and fight our way to a win next week the schedule gets considerably easier until the UF game giving the defense time to jell, AJ to get back, the line to remember how to block and Bobo to unleash Murray.

Mackie said...

Good call, Paul. I was surprised how often we returned to "the run" when Ealey clearly wasn't able to break anything big.

The Gamecocks kept running Lattimore because it was guaranteed yardage. Murray didn't throw any picks (unless I'm mistaken) and it looked like we routinely went Run+Run+Pass on 3rd and long. I think Murray is talented, hoping to get him a football magnet like AJ back soon so we can watch him work!

Ollllddude said...

Sanity, thy name is Mackie.

Lot of people high on AM's poise, and wanted Bobo to cut him loose more. I ain't one of them, and will further say I don't think he was all that 'on'. Many passes thrown that were drops were bad passes thrown behind receivers Charles made a circus catch of one of them. I like AM, I like his poise, and think he will do well, but I don't think they were holding him back; just think he didn't his best touch during the game.

amanda young said...

All I can say that they played the games and they give their best and dedication to one of us for the sake of that games.. Amanda Vanderpool