Monday, September 27, 2010

This sucks.

Quinton hit the nail on the head...and I read:

To borrow a metaphor from nineteenth century European history, Georgia is the "sick man" of the SEC. A former power that has run into hard times due to repeated setbacks, relevant only because of its reputation, size and affiliation with other great powers. Georgia is withering before our eyes. When a team that has won championships in recent memory begins to lose battles with State, Kentucky, Arkansas, and South Carolina, none of whom have won a championship in longer than recent memory, the only conclusion is a degenerative, sustained illness. An illness consuming the patient, who is condemned to a slow and painful death.

I am still hesitant to jump on the Fire Coach Richt bandwagon...but this team isn't making that decision easy. What I'm experiencing is a sense of questioning, and that doesn't bode well for our current coaching staff.

My biggest concern is that football (pro and collegiate) is an ever-evolving sport. In this arena of SEC competition you've ALWAYS got to be 1 step ahead of the other guys. I used to think it was important to have a consistent staff for recruiting and coaching purposes. Perhaps the regular turnover of coaching staffs in the SEC is due to necessity rather than an irrational fanbase running these guys out of town.

I love Coach Richt, he is a great guy and has a history of quality coaching. But he's got to prove that his gameplan is still relevant in this conference. Otherwise the barking will continue to get louder until Greg McGarity's will be forced to make a career-defining decision.

I'm still holding out hope that this team won't throw in the towel and start phoning it in on Saturdays. But when I enjoyed watching the Falcons more than the Dawgs our team is in a sad state of affairs. Our fanbase is hurting, we want to believe in you, Coach...please get it together.

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