Friday, October 30, 2009

Cheer Up Dawg Fans

If I have to hear another Georgia fan telling me I picked a bad year to go to my first Cocktail Party I'm going to start handing out kicks to the sac like it's already Halloween.

Georgia fans have apparently turned into cutters.

I know cautious optimism is the best route, especially when playing the #1 team in the country, AND it being a series we haven't dominated in QUITE A WHILE. But for the most part you guys are comparing the Cocktail Party to forgetting your "safeword" (oh make it stop!)

Did anyone think Florida State would beat BYU? Did anyone think Junior had a shot of even keeping it close last weekend? Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?


We play the games for a reason and I'm not assuming we'll win but I can point directly at 3 SEC games the Gators could have lost. Georgia will have to play loose, play consistent(ly good), and play with some balls, but we've got as good a shot as any to shock the world this weekend.

Poo poo it all you want Emo Dawgs, but we've got nothing to lose and the Gators haven't been as good as advertised. They'll get 4 fresh defensemen back from injury, but our players are so focused on this game they have resorted to ignoring the laws of man and traffic.

I've got a $50 bottle of booze riding on this game due to a bet I made 3 years ago and I'm not willing to let go of it without a fight. So hunker down you hairy Dawgs! Lets send "The Greatest Player of Our Era" into the CFL next year with a 1 and 2 record as a starter against his biggest SEC rival!

See you in Jacksonville tomorrow and keep a cold one in the cooler for me because I'll be making my rounds. For all the Dawgs with puppies who couldn't miss Halloween I understand. All I ask is you DVR the evening news Saturday to catch my mugshot, because as Munson said it best, "MAN, is there gonna be some property destroyed tonight!"



Anonymous said...

One really good thing about the WLOCP - assuming this really is your first time and that you don't already know this - is that you don't have to win to have a good time and enjoy the weekend. But I will concede winning mo' betta and I hope you are right, and that you get to keep your liquor.

The Tri Runner said...

I didn't know that the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor. My history teacher lied to me. LOL

I'm glad to know that you will be at the game screaming you head off and cheering on the Dawgs with all you might! We need more fans like you in the stands. GATA!

Bernie said...

Hey Mack - don't know if you caught wind of it, but the same Nissan Heisman tent that was out in Stillwater will be case you want a rematch with Dan Patick.

Actually, I can't confirm he'll be there. But David Greene will some douche name Wuerffel.

Have a great trip. And FWIW -
DAWGS 20 'turds 14

Mackie said...

I've got a few words for Dan Patrick, I may bend over and let him sign the broad-side of my red pants he dislikes so much.