Tuesday, October 6, 2009

2 Cents, Too Late

I've been soaking in the reaction from last Saturday's game. You'll get no argument from me that Georgia could/should have beat LSU, and for the most part, many of us have come to terms and moved on.

Though what could have been would rank right up there with "70 X Takeoff"

I have nothing new to bring to the table, every argument that could be made has been made against those responsible. But the only thing I offer is a message of patience to the Dawg Nation.

A bitter pill to swallow is the concept of Georgia having a "down year". I know it and you know it, but it's damn near impossible for an SEC team to go completely undefeated. Since I've been born it's only happened 4 times (Alabama '92, Auburn '93, Tennessee '98, and Auburn '04)...but I will readily admit the game has changed a lot since 1982.

So hold your heads high Dawg fans. Many of us found it hard to accept that "analysts" thought Georgia might have a down year after losing 2 early first rounders (that comprised a lot of our team's identity). The thought of not having a (gasp) 10 win season under Mark Richt wasn't an option and we just knew Georgia would prove them wrong.

What has become of these feelings is a recipe of equal parts: poor play calling, poor executing, and just a dash of playing up/down to the level of our opponents. Yeah it sucks having a flag thrown after what could be a game-winning touchdown...but what sucks WAAAAAY more is only having 2 quarters of offense when the other team clearly showed up to play 4. We've had several lucky breaks in our 5 games this year, but I think the luckiest of all came at halftime last Saturday when we went to the locker room only down by 6 points (does the Alabama Blackout game ring a bell?)

You shouldn't be complacent with our team and coaching staff because I think complacency turns you into Vanderbilt. Unless he starts molesting small children* you won't find me calling for Coach Richt's head anytime soon. I was young but I remember Ray Goff and Jim Donnan and do you think for one SECOND they wouldn't have killed for a string of 10 win seasons?!? Obviously changes aren't going to happen mid season and you also worry about how the recruits feel if the guy who talked them into coming to Georgia gets fired. Depending on how the season pans out I think it's reasonable to expect a change in personnel early next Spring, but I doubt you'll find an earth-shattering shake-up in the organization because that's not how Mark Richt leads.

The way we've been playing isn't acceptable, but the games we won and the games we've lost have to be because we can't change the outcome. What we can hope for is our team recognizing mistakes and acting upon them. David Hale already showed us Willie is capable of making adjustments and it showed at the start of the 3rd against LSU. So if you can have me praising Willie Martinez then everyone else should be more than capable of getting their $#!t together.

I don't like losing games but I do like the size of the fight in our Dawgs. They've got the heart to take on giants and if a Tebow-less Gator team can get beaten by LSU we're still in the race for the East. Not to mention it would show we're losing to quality competition which eases the pain ever so slightly.

So leave the pity party early and set your sights on Knoxville. It's a concrete jungle where teeth aren't valued and the women lack chin-lines. Our defense should shine against a Crompton-led offense but Joe & Co. need to get some points on the board with regularity this week. It'll be a 12pm game on the SEC Network for those of us with weak stomachs, but getting a win in Knoxville would go a long way toward lifting our spirits and putting yet another nail in the coffin that is Tennessee's football season.

It hasn't been a dream season so far but we're a long way from out of this thing. Any wins over Tennessee, Florida (it's possible), Auburn, and Tech are always fun and I'm still waiting for a quality win to make an illegal highlight video. We almost had it against LSU, but I've got high hopes for us in Tennessee. Plus another loss for the Volunteers means a great addition for your middle schooler's Summer Reading List in 2010.
A bit of a stretch, but I'll take the laughs where I can get them.

*just to clarify I don't believe Coach Richt would ever molest children or do anything so heinous he loses his job and causes a media scandal. Tebow might be the second coming, but last time I check the Bible had multiple Timothy's but only one Mark...BOOM, roasted.


Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter if Florida beats LSU 100 to 0. If we win out and beat Florida, we win the sec east out right. If Florida loses to LSU, then we could beat Florida and lose to Auburn and still win the east.

Mackie said...

very true Anon, it looks like I put the cart before the horse on that one.

Sazymae said...

Mackie, thanks for the perspective. It's so easy to get caught up in the aftermath, but at the end of the day, we're still wearing red & black (and not, God forbid, orange). And I'd rather lose wearing red & black than win wearing any other colors any day. It's STILL great to be a Georgia Bulldog!