Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bowl / Halftime

I'm not a terribly huge fan of the NFL, but the game last night turned out to be pretty good. I watched the first half and decided to head home after Bruce Springsteen's crotch slid into a camera at half-time.

Though the obvious end-all was the Steelers telling Kurt Warner that Jesus didn't love him enough to let him win, you still gotta give the old guy credit. The Cards hung in there until the very end and didn't allow Pittsburgh to beat the spread so there are a lot of happy people in Arizona today regardless of the loss.

But back to the halftime show...

I think the best thing that ever happened to Super Bowl halftime was Janet Jackson getting her elderly boob exposed on national television. It was through this the higher-ups decided it was time to go the safe route and pick up more of a conservative rock band act (conservative is not meant in the political manner...The Boss was a prime example of that). Now I usually don't have a problem sticking around to watch the halftime festivities knowing I'd get to see Tom Petty or The Rolling Stones. I could care less about Aerosmith or Bruce "I can't sing with my eyes open" Springsteen but at least the audience is getting a show they care more about rather than pandering to the remaining 75% of viewers who watch the Super Bowl because it is the traditional American thing to do.

As a side note, the most obvious statement came from my boss 2 weeks ago.

"Hey, I was looking at getting us some tickets to the Super Bowl but they were too expensive." insightful!

Anyway congrats to Hines and any other Dawgs who are on the Steelers roster. Your success looks good for the team I love. Also, big Leonard Pope had a fairly decent game himself. Hopefully he'll get another shot at it in the future.

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