Thursday, February 5, 2009


It appears Junior has taken a page out of the Mackalicious Guide to Surviving Prison, as seen here.

For those of you unfamiliar with my guide, it is as follows:

Step 1.
Enter prison.

Step 2.
Locate a small length of metal pipe. (pick it up)

Step 3.
Locate the meanest MF'r of all your fellow inmates.

Step 4.
Walk up to said inmate and swing that pipe as hard as you can at his mouth.

Step 5.
(as he lays stunned & bleeding) Loudly proclaim, "I AIN'T NOBODY'S BITCH AND I'M NOT GONNA GET BUTT RAPED!"

Step 6.
Immediately start getting butt raped because people see through your guise and know you're just a scared little boy out of his element.

Oh well, I don't plan on going to prison anytime soon.

However, Lane Kiffin is talking a MUCH bigger game than he ought to be at this point. I prefer Coach Richt's approach of speak softly and carry a big stick. That way if you get your salad tossed (by a team of Wyoming's calibre) every once and a while you're not stuck eating your words.

Also it is reported officials from the University of Alabama are relieved the Knoxville Newshounds have found another violations whipping boy to focus their attention on.


Fake TT said...

Nice. All Urban needs is a little motivation like that (refer to November 1, 2008). I can't wait for Kiffin to come coach in the Swamp for the first time.

Mackalicious said...

...thanks for that insightful comment. That wasn't even the slightest bit douchey.

the tri guy said...

Yes, Urban's motivation lead to UGA missing 2 FG's, throwing 3 interceptions, and fumbling. All bow in reverence to St. Urban and Tebow of Nazareth!!!

Fake TT said...

Hmm, let's see. 2 FG (= 6 points), 3 interceptions (let's call those worth a touchdown apiece). That's a grand total of 27 points, which still leaves UGA behind by 12. Maybe two of those interceptions would have been 14-point swings. In that case...

Goat said...

You would have to bring math into this Fake TT.