Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday Quick Hits

After an awesome weekend of laying in a hammock and going to a hockey game (with the longest man-to-man fight I've ever seen, the AJC clocked it at around 2:00 minutes) it's time to get back to work.

I'm assuming GoDaddy let this domain name register at a premium. I'm still looking to purchase

The OBC golfs to escape the domination.

Coach Mark Richt was asked about an 0-4 skid on NSD before eventually signing Marlon Brown. Coach claimed that keeping score with recruits was "kind of nutty". Out in Los Angeles Pete Carroll caught wind of that statement and jokingly asked if "Mark would be disciplining his players like Ward Cleaver handled the Beaver's hijinx". Coach Richt responded that any player who violates team policy will endure a stern talking to, then taken out to Floyd's Barbershop for a shave & trim just to let him know he's not mad at THEM, just their behavior.

file photo from the Donovan Baldwin aftermath last year this Lane Kiffin threatened NCAA sanctions.

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Bernie said...

Vol fans are clearly demented and undeniably inbred. Half of those "smokin hot" pics of Kiffy's wife she's pregnant in.

But it was worth a peek to get the link to the FB page and read Jim Davin's post.