Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hindsight: 25 Things

Looking back at my preview of Auburn from yesterday, I feel nothing if not utter repulsion at my complete lack of quality information. Not that anyone cares that much about Auburn anyway, but stating Auburn's QB issue will come down to two guys as late as the season opener...then learning the decision has already been made and it was neither of the two guys you thought...that's pretty damn bad!

Since I pride myself on my lack of pride, I figured I would provide you with a list of 25 things that will go down in history as being better than my Auburn Preview:

1. New Coke

2. Saying Oasis is superior to The Beatles

3. Any television show that centers around baking cakes.

4. Michael Jordan's Baseball Career

5. Coins that are worth $1.

6. Colors of ketchup that aren't red

7. Hawaii Chair

8. Sports that can end with ties.

9. The Episode of All in the Family where Edith dies.

10. Reggie Ball, starting QB.

11. The availability of spandex in sizes >medium.

12. FOX covering any sport, ever.

13. Any sequel of this film.

14. Greenlighting any show starring Andy Dick or Kathy Griffith.

15. That time I went to the wrong theatre to see Men in Black

16. Van Halen III

17. Spray-on Hair

18. the theory of Global Warming(...yep, went there)

19. Fish sandwiches

20. Sony Minidisc

21. Scheduling Dragon Con on the same day as Tech's season opener.

22. Dunkin' Donuts

23. Minute 3:38 of this video...

24. The Designated Hitter Rule.

25. The 18th Amendment.

So just to clear the air, I can readily admit I was sloppy on my preview. I'm not going to redo it simply because I don't think the outcome will change...so, I mean really, why bother?

Journalistic integrity is for integral journalists, I prefer to view Blogging Pantsless as The Onion of Georgia Sports. Never to be taken seriously, but just realistic enough to throw off the elderly.


Kevin said...

That Hawaiian chair looks amazing. I'm going to get it for my grandmother for Christmas

RedCrake said...

I'm gonna pretend you didn't just backhandedly slight "Suddenly Susan".

Co-Starring: The Ultimate Rebel - John Bender of The Breakfast Club as the uptight boss.

That show was the balls!

RedCrake said...

And by the way...sorry to do this so soon after the Auburn debacle, but I think you meant Kathy Griffin.

Unless you have something against this delightful woman from Montana having her own TV show:

Sadly, that won't be possible as she tragically died two years ago.

Mackie said...

Crake: I totally meant the woman from Montana, she's a whore and it pisses me off.

RedCrake said...

Well played sir.

MikeInValdosta said...

Where were you when we were getting high?

What the hell is a champagne supernova in the sky?

Will Ferrell in parliament, what a funny SNL skit on this subject

Glad to see you are not censoring your comments like BERNIE

dean said...

Thanks for the Hawaii chair video. Haven't laughed that hard in while.