Tuesday, August 25, 2009

In preparation for Stillwater...

First let me start out by saying this isn't about our football team prepping themselves for Stillwater, this is more or less about my party and what we're doing.

I good friend of mine whom I lived with at my fraternity house back in college, is making this trip with me.

His name is Josh Moor and apart from him being a total a-hole, he's a pretty damn good Dawg. We used to do all sorts of stupid stuff together like:

-Pour gasoline over a gravel parking lot and then lighting it on fire...because it looked cool watching a parking lot burn.

-Collect all the un-drank booze the Sorority girls would leave at our house and then have Girly Drink Night as we watched excessively violent movies to make up for the gayness of pounding Bartles & James.

-I think we disposed of a dead hooker into West Point Lake once...but that could have been with someone else...I forget.

We'd smoke cigars, listen to music, and pretty much be rowdy college boys...until Moor left for the Army. While he was in the Middle East kicking ass I was trying to fool teachers into believing I was capable of learning.

Here is what Moor was doing:

...unfortunately I only need one picture to show what I was doing.

We've been talking this trip up since I signed up for the tickets and as it stands now we are T-Minus 8 days from heading out of Marietta, GA on a 16 hour excursion to Stillwater. We're roughing it to say the least. We'll drive the entire distance in one day and we're camping out Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. But we'll be touring around Tulsa and Stillwater looking for trouble so if you're familiar with the area (or already have your trip planned) and would like to make a few suggestions please do so in the comments section. We can use all the direction we can get (especially if you know of a good place to go tubing down one of the rivers around the area).

I know he's just as pumped about this trip as I am and we look forward to seeing a few friendly faces once we're up there. I don't know where we'll be tailgating yet, but if you see us wandering around the area make sure you have a cold beer handy for Moor because he's earned it. He's currently working on finishing his degree, but until then he's just a dude in search of a party...so Georgia fans better bring it!

If anyone else is traveling without their wife and wants to rough-it look for us our around Lake Carl Blackwell. I'll be the excessively tall-skinny guy who is capable of handling his alcohol and Moor will either be wearing his own vomit or making out with the local girls from Okie State. Either way, we can't wait to get back to feeling like we're still in our glory days. I hope to document it pretty well so when we get back I'll have some good pictures to show off. We're looking forward to it regardless of the fact we're sleeping out in the Oklahoma wilderness, it might not be the Ritz but it sure beats some of the other places we could be stuck.


NCT said...

Minor suggestion only (and it will take only a few minutes): check out the giant praying hands at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa. It's awe-inspiring (and if you're like me, it's not the kind of awe the University intended, but more of a WTF?! kind of awe). Take a picture. With somebody in the picture to offer some sense of scale. Crazy.

Bernie said...

...hmmm...the Trail of Beers...from Mayretta to Stillwater, empty PBR cans and outstanding warrants. In 5 years I guess we can expect a made for TV movie.