Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pantsless Predictions: Part II of IIIIIIIIII (10)

Arkansas (9.18.2010)

The Deal: The Bulldogs under Mark Richt haven't lost to the Razorbacks in 5 meetings. In fact the Dawgs are 9-3 alltime against the Hawgs. But we are more than aware of the offensive firepower Petrino's Pigs will be bringing to Athens. An offense that AVERAGED 36 points per game last year(which is deceiving considering that includes 7 against Alabama and 63 against Eastern Michigan...whomp, whooooomp.)

But we are also aware of Willy Robinson's patented Country Crock Defense the Razorbacks field. A defense even Willie Martinez would scoff at, but that being said, he IS entering his 3rd year at UA and there is a slight chance some of the growing pains are in the past.

Here's what we were dealing with last year:

Richard Samuel might be mulling over a switch back over to RB after his performance in Fayetteville last year.

My call? Georgia wins...big.

This is our first home SEC game and the stadium crowd will be electric. I figured worst case scenario UGA splits their first two SEC opponents. Going on this logic, USC might not be the tougher opponent but Columbia is a hellish environment to play this early in the season at Noon. At least in Athens we have the benefit of burning up on our own turf with the crowd behind us and some SEC experience under our belt (Arky plays Tenn Tech and ULM before heading East to play us).

Aaron Murray will have a break-out game because if Joe Cox didn't have to thread the needle to put points on the board against their secondary, I doubt much has changed. HOWEVER, Coach Grantham better be showing OUR secondary the Ryan Mallet record breaking highlight reel from last year when they hosted us. He threw for over 400 yards and 5 TDs against our bueno. Raise your glass to Bean Anderson because if we're going to put Ryan Mallet on the ground he's going to have his hands full at Nose.

Hopefully we blitz him into making bad passes and we see immediate improvement from last years dreadful turnover-ratio. Dawgs D needs to come-up big, especially our secondary coverage against these guys if we want shot at the win. Should we not be prepared, September 18th could prove to be a LOOOOONG day for Dawg fans.

UGA/Arkansas: WIN

2/3 going into Week 4. GO DAWGS!

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amanda young said...

This was one of the hottest games I've ever attended but it was well worth it. The last minute pretty much summed up both of our seasons, IMO. Arkansas delivered in the clutch and we let one of many potential victories slip away. Helluva game.
Amanda Vanderpool CEO