Monday, June 14, 2010

UGA Gear Review: Part Eins

82 days.

That's how close it is. You can't taste it, you can't smell it, but you can buy it...and if you're like me, you start eyeballing the gear for the upcoming season right about now.

Not so much the high-end market (polos/red pants) that's more for the time period after the All-Star break ...or as I call it the official end of baseball season. Right now it's when I'm looking at the t-shirts, hats, etc...

But as I'm sure I've posted before, I have a real problem with knock-off, sub-standard UGA stuff. You know, the Wal-mart FAILjersey that AJ Green wears every Saturday in the Fall.'s not that I think the guy who wears it is a bad person, he clearly isn't as bad as the one who shells out $75 for the replica Gators jersey. But like anyone who shows up to a wedding in jeans, we're glad you made it, but we're all secretly judging you.

That brings me to the point of my post...THIS SHIRT.
I can admit, I don't know the entire ins-and-outs on the history of UGA logos. I know a good bit, but I can't find a single instance where the Samford Bulldog (as I call it) was considered a graphic representation. Yet even (my go-to source for school logo graphics) has it in their catalog (and in the comments section you can see a few fans disagree about it's authenticity).

I don't hate the shirt, I assume if it was a licensed product it would be semi-authentic and probably some 40's/50's era design. But as I scrape the bottom of the barrel for non-PAC-16 expansion posts I try to stick to the basics and get the fan-base thinking. Anyone else seen this before?

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LT said...

I've seen it before, can't say I saw it on anything official but I have seen it before.