Friday, May 14, 2010

Hey Ole Miss...DON'T BLOW IT!

It was the Fall of 2005. I had just graduated from college and was working at Hartsfield. I met numerous Boise State fans flying into town the week before college football started. They were flying in to take on our Georgia Bulldogs and we were nervous as hell.

Like Southern Miss decades ago, Boise State had a Giant Killer reputation...and it didn't help UGA was starting a Senior QB who had only seen playing time when David Greene was resting.

But I will always remember the day we learned DJ Shockley was the real deal, and it came by making Boise State's defense look foolish.
(the defense wasn't too bad lookin' either)

All-time Boise State is 0-4 against the SEC, and perhaps it's that unique conference pride we have, but I hope Ole Miss has their act together when they open the season against the Broncos in 2011.

I harbor no ill-will against the Broncos, but I'm not a fan. I didn't buy into Hawaii 2007, and I don't buy into Boise State in 2010. Preseason #2? Give me a break.

Blatant homerism aside, I'm not sure this is UGA's year to win the East (South Carolina fans are telling me it's FINALLY their year...pptptpttttt). But I do think of all the SEC teams there are maybe 4-or-5 who could knock off the Broncos. Of course to counter myself, the SEC hasn't faced the Blue Turf Horsies without Dan Hawkins behind the wheel.

On that note Chris Petersen is a helluva coach, and he's done wonders to recruit kids to play in BOISE, IDAHO. But I stand behind my POV that if Boise State were in a solid conference (PAC-10, maybe? "solid conference" used loosely) they'd be middle of the pack with the occasional upset win over USC, Stanford, Oregon or whichever team is supposed to be good that year.

I can admit I don't know enough about Ole Miss, nor do I care enough to research and find out what year Jevan Snead is. But I hope Colonel Reb, Admiral Ackbar, or Captain Giggity fields a team competent enough to not lose their opener against these guys. Pride on the line, fellas...don't blow it.

UPDATE: Apparently Boise State's coach in 2000 was Dirk Koetter when they lost to Arkansas...Hawkins was still an assistant. My bad.


Furban8 said...

Ummm Snead went undrafted after entering this year's NFL draft and has signed with Tampa Bay.

BTW Dan Hawkins was behind the wheel when they upset Oklahoma.

Furban8 said...

Check that. I thought you were talking about the QB (I know his named isn't Hawkins). I didn't realize that the coach Hawkins was there when they came to Athens. I guess that makes the job Chris Petersen has done that much more impressive.

Mackie said...

Thanks Furban, I get pretty lazy in the research department during off-season. I rely mostly on charm and B.S. to make me appear semi-competent.

Courtney said...

ummm...Furban, if you are gonna call the dude out, make sure you get it right. Peterson was the coach in the Fiesta Bowl. See below:

Dawgfan17 said...

It is not that I don't think Boise State can play with any team in the country on a given Saturday. I just don't think they could do back to back weeks. It is easy to get your team pumped up for a couple games a year it is a whole other thing to play at South Carolina, then home against Arkansas, then @Miss State, then @Colorado then home against Tn. That doesn't even mention games later again UF, AU, and GT.

amanda young said...

Shockley was fast, but he was a pass first QB and had good pocket presence.....He was Sick that year too bad he got hurt and missed the FLA game that year and hurt again in the NFL..He would of gotten a chance at starting that year for the Falcons...I would take him over Greene, Stafford, or Murray....Everyone made such a big deal about Vince Young back then, Shockley ran a faster 40 than Young and was a better passer.Amanda Vanderpool CEO