Thursday, May 6, 2010


So I've been out for a while. I've gone on vacation, survived some nasty malware on my laptop, and worked my tail off in the past 3 weeks. But it couldn't have come at a better time because it's football off-season and with the exception of the occassional food challenge post (see KFC DoubleDown) that's my blog's primary focus.

Just because it's off season doesn't mean there isn't news going on. We, as SEC football fans, are very similar to East Cobb housewives. They don't have REAL stress because they aren't instead they take the next biggest deal and blow it out of proportion just so they have a steady dose of drama in their life. (That would explain why they get hysterical about not having the snacks together for Junior's little league team...and nobody cares)

So Mettenberger tried his hand at the ladies (rimshot) and Logan Gray is 50/50 about sticking around to fair-catch punts. Does that leave us thin at QB? Yes, but the realist in me isn't expecting a cinderella season this year anyway. I don't think it's unreasonable to expect better than 8-5, but if I'm not mistaken (which I very well may be) Alabama lost to UL-Monroe after installing the 3-4...but look at 'em now (also I'm well-aware this was the first year after a coaching change so don't rip me to pieces on this).
"You will NOT bring that up again."

I still believe we've got the players and the personnel to compete for the East, but of all the stuff to fret about, the fact that football season is still 4 months away is more scary to me. The annual relinquishing of sanity will commence as usual following the MLB All-Star Game in July.

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