Thursday, April 1, 2010

...yep, they done lost their minds.

My wife owns a Fort Knox-size vault of criticism for my desire to name our spawn Herschel Munson Alicious (should my wife eventually grow to see me as a suitable procreator).

But until that day comes, the Georgia fan-base will always have THIS to hang over the Alabama fan-base.

This isn't naming your dog, "Dooley" or "Loren"...this is the Alabama version of some nutjob actually naming their kid "Georgia Bulldog Smith".

If I've ever wanted a child to rebel against their parents, this is it. Dear Almighty Creator, please let this kid grow up to be a Plainsman/Tiger/War Eagle...that would be divine.
Perhaps he could one day grow up to kick Bo Jackson JerdenHayre's ass (pictured above, hanging in the homemade Jumparoo!)

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Anonymous said...

Clearly, we'd just had to have twins - one named Herschel Larry Munson and the other named Eli Gold Stabler. But, they would be destined to be rivals forever.