Friday, April 9, 2010

The Final Countdown

So if you'll notice in that handy-dandy little box, top-right, you'll see I'm approaching my 100,000th hit. Amazingly the last 500 have come this week when I haven't posted anything, so thanks for the visits, suckers.

Next week, I'm taking a little vacation, and when I get back home get back to work and clear the piles of work that mounted during my absence there is probably going to be some BIG news I'll be sharing...maybe. My fear of commitment may have me by the balls, I don't know yet.

Either way, this is a huge milestone for me. Thanks to the few who read BloggingPantsless regularly even when I'm spotty on my posting. Also, a special thanks to my wife who has clicked refresh 99,000 times in order to get my sitemeter up. HOOTIE HOO!

Enjoy G-Day, Playaz and Playastresses...we'll see you next week!

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