Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Hot Seat Issue

I apologize for not getting to this earlier yesterday, but I wanted to thank Sen. Blutarsky for raising an excellent point in his post An Innocent Question.

"...those of you who assert that Mark Richt is on some sort of a hot seat in 2010, what do you base that on exactly?"

I think we can all agree there was a massive sigh of relief when Willie Martinez was let go last year. We, as a fan-base, felt our defense wasn't up to par and this feeling extended back a few years. Coach Richt finally revamped our defensive coaching staff and now that all the pieces are in place (except 1 remaining coaching spot) we're all pretty pumped to see what 2010 holds with a fresh, young QB and a totally new 3-4 defense.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say this is "fake news" being pushed by sports writers who have no tap into the emotional vein of the Bulldog Nation. I'm critical of the AJC (All Junk Columns) and Paul Finebaum (who rivals Neal Boortz in pot-stirring) because they paint pictures with a broad, sweeping brush.

This is the reason my father-in-law (who is an Alabama resident) asks me "What do you think they'll do with Rich?" Once I figure out he's not talking about Coach Brooks, and has trouble pronouncing Mark's last name, I inform him Dawg fans are happy with the measure's he has taken to right the ship.

The majority of us are old enough to remember the 90's and how par-at-best they were. I like to believe Coach Richt will eventually be our own version of an old ass, brain-eating zombie like Joe Paterno. He's not perfect, but you'll be hard pressed to find a negative quality about the guy. In fact his worst quality has been his EXTREME LOYALTY, which I can think of a few inbred, mountain hillbillies who have that quality in their Help Wanted listing. ...not to point any big orange douches at anyone, but ...yeah.

But unless I'm out in left-field on this, let me know if there are any massive underlying issues we as Dawgs are in an uproar about regarding Coach Richt. I know we want to see the team get turned around but I'm thinking we'll have the patience this year to see a transformation. Hopefully, as the stars (and schedule) align in our favor in 2011 we'll have a legitimate shot at the MNC. Fingers crossed, Lane Kiffin finds a way to beat Stanford and Oregon State that year and we get to meet him for the big one...oh mercy, that could get ugly.

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Ally said...

I saw some Tennessee chick right this yesterday on her blog "while Mark Richt is scrambling to save his job..."

Laughable at best. Had CMR decided to bury his head in the sand & keep the status quo then that statement might hold some water.

But considering Mark Richt just achieved:
1) 90 wins in 9 years
2) is the 6th most winningest college football Coach
3) 2 SEC Titales, 3 SEC East titles
4)numerous 10 win seasons
5) captured the college football record for most seasons with at least 8 wins
6) captured the college football record for most consecutive seasons w/ a Bowl invitation
7)finished #2 in the country just 2years ago and yet won 8 games aftger losing the #1 & #12 pick in the NFL draft
8)is about to haul in yet another top 5 recruiting class
9)heads the winningest program in the SEC over the last decade
10)Has more character & integrity in his pinky than Urban Meyer or Nick Saban, Pete Carroll, Lame Kiffin, Bobby Petrino, Houston Nutt, etc., etc., etc....

I could go on, but now i'm bored. It's insane to suggest Mark Richt is on a hot seat, not just because of the facts i just mentioned but also because show me a Coach available who has a better record than Richt?

And do i need to remind Finebaum that it was just this year in Saban's "illustroius career" that he finally won back to back 10 win seasons?

If any fringe freak of our fanbase wants to get rid of Richt, then by all means please turn in your season tickets and get the hell out of Athens. But i highly doubt, even the most fanatical of fans is dumb enough to call for Richt's job.

Go Dawgs!

Oh and suck it Finebaum, espn, and every other ignorant blogger locked in mommy's basement.