Friday, January 15, 2010

Blue Skys Ahead

Just got word it's all official. Our nightmare is over! No more DCRotD posts!
(film from me and Bernie's church choir last X-mas)

For a taste of our new DC, here is Grantham breaking down the Denver running game.

...yes, the Cowboys lost to Denver this year (17-10), but only because Tony Romo threw a game-tying TD pass into Champ Baileys wingspan with 1 second left (GO DAWGS!)

Also, unless I'm mistaken it's pronounced "GRAN-thum" instead of "Grant-ham"...right? Who cares, as long as he's ours!

Sorry ladies, no more questions. It's time for me to GATA!


Life In Shambles said...

You are correct in the pronounciation of his last name. I have never been so proud of my own last name as I am today- GO DAWGS!

amanda young said...

It was at night and I saw a Christmas tree it was probably a Christmas play at church. I'm not saying it is,but for opinion I think it was a Christmas play at church. Amanda Vanderpool