Monday, January 4, 2010


I'm gonna keep this short and sweet, but I could use a little help from anyone who knows a lot about the NFL.

Since we successfully got raises and contracts for every DC in college football, the rumor mill (running 24/7, open on Christmas) has turned it's eyes to the ranks of professional football.

Here is where I need some assistance.

Lotta folks throwing around the name, Travis Jones. If you are unaware Mr. Jones is the D-Line coach of the New Orleans Saints. (picture found on Leather Helmet Blog who is doing a fine job following this ordeal)

Now let me first say, I think the position of Defensive Coordinator at a top-tier program like Georgia, is a GREAT job any coach worth his weight would love to have. But what I don't get is why an NFL coach who's team went 13-3, finished 1st in their division, and has already worked his way up to NFL money through the SEC ranks (Jones was a GA at Georgia and Line Coach at LSU) would move back down to the collegiate ranks?

Unless I'm mistaken, usually the money is better in the pros, right?!? I understand loyalty (he's a Bulldog, ftr) but maybe I'm used to thinking the only people who go back to the NCAA level are the NFL stinkers...

And who could forget, failure's poster boy...

Let me know if there are any successful NFL guys who returned to college football, because I can't think of any. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to have Travis Jones back at Georgia...but just like all rumors, without any legs they're just flopping around on the floor.

(also, I'd like to inform WLayton January 2nd has passed)


Ally said...
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Ally said...

Excellent point. The first names to pop up are the recent hires at UT: Kippy Brown (15 yrs in NFL) & Rich Bisaccia (8 yrs in NFL).

Neither were coordinators in the nfl, and with the Senior Kiffin inching closer to God's waiting room, that possibly could be a mitigating factor. Kippy also had extensive ties to UT as Rich did w/ Monte & the Bucs.

With the money that's now being paid in the college ranks, NFL money for a line position Coach is no longer greater than a DC in some cases. UGA just offered Chavis $600K & there's certainly reason to believe either Jones or Grantham could command close to that amt.

I wouldn't mind us making a run at someone from the nfl that's for sure.

Maroussia said...

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