Monday, November 2, 2009

...the "eyes" have it.

My wife (who is a Bama fan, God bless her heart) made the following statement regarding Mr. Spike's behavior:

"So, I'm guessing the punishment would be the same if another team were to tackle Tebow in a game and proceed to gouge at his eyes... right?"

I went to Rivals and sure enough, Coach Nick Saban has about 10 freshman and sophomore LB's he would probably be willing to "discipline" for the first half of the National Championship Game, you know, until they've learned their lesson for getting Tebow Cornea on their Under Armour following Florida's first offensive possession.

I would find it terribly hard to believe that any DIV 1 coach would stoop that low to purposefully hurt a player...but of anyone in the SEC, whom would you not put past it?

Nick Saban seen showing Mr. Spikes proper form.

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