Thursday, June 11, 2009

Interesting fact

I know this sounds completely random, but I to preface this I had a softball game last night and I platooned with another guy at Catcher.

In trying to leave a witty comment on the pitcher's Facebook page, I wrote the following:

"Great game last night. I'm sorry about my poor performance, I'll try to be a little more Greg Olson and a little less Mike Piazza."

While this comment was intended to #1 make fun of how gay Mike Piazza is, my #2 was to reminisce about the Braves catcher from my childhood. To prove what a bad fan I am I couldn't remember the proper spelling for Greg Olson so of course I go to Yahoo and type in "Braves Catcher Greg Olsen"(sp). I later found the correct spelling and pulled up his info on Wikipedia.

I didn't remember who did it, but I remember watching the game where there was a play at the plate and Greg Olson got completely leveled. This resulted in his leg getting broken and pretty much ending his career (because it led to prospect Javier Lopez being brought up).

But the interesting fact I was getting to was this. Do you happen to remember who broke Greg Olson's leg? Here's a hint, he is now deceased.

This picture has nothing to do with who broke his leg but I'm trying to provide some buffer space and time for you to guess whodunnit.

In 1992 the Atlanta Braves were playing a series against the Houston Astros. In an attempt to score, none other than cocaine addict Ken Caminiti rounded third and collided with Olson. I remembered hearing about Ken's death in 2004 from an overdose of cocaine and opiates, but I failed to recall the way he changed the history of the Atlanta Braves back in the early 90's.


Goat said...

You may recall Ken spent a fraction of his final season with the Braves.

AuditDawg said...

It was Dan Gladden of the Twins who upended him in the '91 Series (same bastard that scored the winning run in Game 7, btw). That still wasn't the most impressive wrestling move of that '91 Series. That honor goes to Kent Hrbek and his lifting of Ron Gant off the bag.