Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Brittain Family

Because I wrote about it earlier, it breaks my heart to finish the story.

If you remember my post about the 12 year old Alabama fan, Megan Brittain (who got a special phone call from Bama QB John Parker Wilson, and subsequently a personal call from Coach Saban himself) then you know Megan had been struggling with Rhabdomyosarcoma (which involves cancerous tumors rapidly developing around her spine.)

This is from Megan Brittain's father, Gary posted yesterday evening on her blog.

Safe in the arms of Jesus! No angel wings here. She's a child of the king!

Megan breathed her last breath at 4:15 this afternoon. No more struggle. No more pain.

There has been a grand reunion in heaven with her Mom and her Nana, countless other relatives, even meeting her Grandfather for the first time. Heaven will never be the same!

I won't tell you to stop praying, I know my family and I still need the prayers. Giving her up today was not an easy thing to do. There are many more tears to come. What I want to say is "thank you" for your faithfulness in praying for us. We have been truly blessed.

If nothing else I take this time to realize how precious life can be, and how unimportant everything I worry about is. I wish nothing but peace for Gary who has also lost a wife to cancer and is now left by himself to take care of 2 boys. No parent should have to outlive their child, but I know in Gary's case there must be a slight bit of relief knowing his baby-girl is no longer suffering in pain.

We all know college football is a huge part of southern culture. Especially when a pre-teen girl would cast aside Barbies and sleepovers for Crimson Tide Football. I assume if in Alabama she had Coach Saban and John Parker Wilson lined up to meet her, that in Heaven there's one more guy who will want to introduce himself.

Here are a couple more links to Megan's story:

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Everyone behind Blogging Pantsless is praying for the Brittain family, if you find time to squeeze one into your day, please do so.


Bernie said...

Moving tribute. From what I've read on this girl, Megan had twice the courage of any SEC LB I've seen.

Thank you Megan. And God bless the Brittain Family.

The Tri Runner said...

Mac - Thanks for sharing this story.