Tuesday, May 5, 2009

On the Road

I'm about to head out for the day. I'm running a project in Milledgeville and it's a good 2 hour drive away. Anyone familiar with the area I would definitely love a good lunch suggestion. I love BBQ, hotdogs, and hamburgers so let me hear it!


Alex said...

Eat at The Brick. It's downtown, has sports tv's everywhere and has some wings that will light you on fire. Look for it on Hancock Street.

And, of course, a great bar.

A couple doors down, there's a good coffee shop too, called Blackbird.

Goat said...

1835 North Columbia ST.
Milledgeville, Georgia 31061
ph: 478-414-1744

Google recommendation, I've never actually been. But based on this article, I'd try it: http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/222432/_pig_in_a_pit_milledgeville_georgia_pg2.html?cat=8

Dustin said...

Paradise Country BBQ
111 Old Montgomeryville Rd
Milledgeville, GA 31061

This place is just off of 441 in the north end of the county. Good barbecue and brunswick stew. I ate there once while working in Eatonton last year and enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

I second the vote for Pig in a Pit for BBQ. My husband and I got married in Milledgeville and they catered our wedding. It was delicious!

Jason said...

I second The Brick - ridiculous pizza. Also, if Blackbird used to be Brewers, that's a great coffee shop too. So I'll second that as well.

I'm not too keen on original thoughts, in case you couldn't tell.

Mackie said...

Note to self: If you want more people to comment bring up food.

Also, tell future Mackie to duck.

Bop said...

Pig in a pit. Brunswick Stew...mmmm