Friday, May 22, 2009

Completely Random

I recently heard they've renovated Monster Plantation at Six Flags...if you refer to it as a "mansion" I will disavow any knowledge of which you speak.

I stumbled upon this video someone made just riding through, if you can watch in high quality it helps through the darker sections. To this day, I remember loving the theme song to the ride but couldn't remember any of the words except "...humans are allowed today."

At some point when I was in high school I went and it was so crowded I got to ride 5 things over the course of a day and paid $3 for a Coke out of a machine. Seriously though I haven't been to Six Flags in close to 10 years. Even worse I remember when the Mindbender was painted brown. But I'm sure eventually I'll get over the bad experience and $3 Coke machine expenses (which I assume is close to $5 now).

Anyway, harken back to better days and enjoy your long weekend.

In what little Dawg news I have, I did tune into the baseball game in the top of the 9th when we let the Razorbacks tie it up. It would have been pretty killer to have doubled up the runner at second but if nothing else the moron dislocated a finger for his efforts. I missed the winning run but caught the replay after I flipped back from The Weather Channel...Go Dawgs!


NCT said...

The Monster Plantation. I remember when it was created out of the old Okefenokee ride. Dang, that thing was scary. Same basic premise: a bunch of critters havin' a great time, then you take a turn in the swamp in the wrong direction ("No! Not that way!"). I remember when the Scream Machine (the whole Cotton States Expo section, actually) was brand spanking new.

Bernie said...

I once stepped out of the boat in Monster's Plantation and got yelled at over the intercom. Even back in the late '80s I guess they had video survellience.

RedCrake said...

"Join the Monsters at the Mansion,
You're invited to a picnic,
Monster Picnic,
Cause humans are allowed today"

There you go. I have a mind like a steel trap.

Also, is it wrong to refer to it as a mansion if the monsters do so themselves?

Mackie said...