Friday, July 16, 2010

A Question Raised

What makes Get the Picture one of the best Georgia blogs out there, is the fact that it's still technically football off-season and the article I read 2 days ago is already bumped to Older Posts on the next page...dayyyuuuuuuum.

But I was reading through this post the other day and contemplated writing something and just now got to it (...way to show initiative, Mackie).

The Senator covers some of Mike Bobo's comments regarding our lack of depth at QB. And at the conclusion of his post Blutarsky states:

"Sure would be nice if ULaLa were a thirty-point blowout with the bench getting emptied in the third quarter."

So that got me thinking, Aaron Murray is our starting QB without any NCAA career starts. We are opening up against a cupcake, so here's your hypothetical...

If we are blowing out the Ragin' Cajuns in the 3rd quarter, should we use that time to get Hutson Mason some snaps? I'm not overly concerned about the back-up QB situation, but GOD FORBID anything happen to Logan Gray as a wide receiver AND Murray bites the dust, our hopes & dreams rest on the laurels of a true freshman.
...but let it be known, he was a state record-setting, Tire Swing All-American.

So you guys play coach. Vote in the poll, top right. Keep in mind South Carolina is the following week, that's when $#!% gets REAL!

3 comments: said...

I wanted to vote for Cory Phillips but don't see that as an option.

Mackie said...

For Cory Phillips to play Quincy Carter would have to go down, and when Quincy's on meth he don't go down.

amanda young said...

Yes, I love to vote also but the options doesn't clear.. where can I vote? amanda vanderpool fashion