Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Football Nightmare

I had a REALLY bad dream last night. I dream that UGA Football opened the season against Wofford at Sanford Stadium and we lost 44-42. We lost because our Special Teams play was absolutely AWFUL! We couldn't cover returns whatsoever and it was like watching all your hopes and dreams come crashing down in EMBARRASSING defeat.

...isn't that pleasant?

Well, don't worry because I've never really been one to have prophetic dreams. If so, this whole terrorism nonsense would have been handled a while back when I first started having John Mclane style hero dreams.

For the record, in those dreams I single-handedly defeat the Russians, save my wife from her Ruskie captors, AND prevent The Pier in St. Petersburg, FL from being blown to pieces.


BulldogBry said...

I usually don't have the "game" dreams until July, when practice is about to start and I'm sick of hearing about weight room and leadership stories. But in those dreams, we ususally lose.
And, like you, the rest of my dreams are somewhat unrealistic - beating Steven Segal to a pulp, having a discussion with an ethical congressman and teaching Tebow the correct way to throw a football.

amanda young said...

Is this in the movie Speed? Bruce Willis in this movie is great and fantastic acting.. Amanda Vanderpool CEO