Monday, February 22, 2010

Skeleton? Put it in the closet with the others.

To further compound my plan to never run for public office, a picture has surfaced from a party I attended last week. The picture below is from the Johnny Weir Viewing Party MY WIFE AND I attended last Thursday. People from across the state gathered to watch Johnny Weir's Free Skate Program last week and once everyone discovered he was the 2nd-to-last skater most of us just drank and went back home.

But aside from any excuses I could make to justify my presence at said event, I feel the need to make 3 points proving my heterosexuality.

#1. Wedding ring, left-hand.

#2. Look at the masculine grip I have on that rose...nothing gay about that.

#3. Closing argument, "Flora-Bama" coozie stuffed with Coor's Banquet...'nuff said.

Of course the glaring obstacle to these points is the "Queer 4 Weir" shirt I'm wearing, but Blogging Pantsless has been around 2 years. If this surprises you, then you haven't been paying attention.


Ally said...

question: If you're gonna publish the incriminating evidence on your blog then why cut off your face in the photo?

Mackie said...

...good question, I know I've put my face up in pictures before but I get waffley about how much of my identity I want online. Especially when it deals with a really gay-looking picture.

Ally said...

HaHa! Good call.

Dawgfan17 said...

Any excuse to drink a little extra requires no explanation for me.